Author - Current Work

Since the eighties I have been working on a group of non-fiction pieces:

" If you don't ask the way, you will be lost " is an article that can be found at Burning Bush Publications,   This E-Zine anthology is dedicated to the dignity and equity of academic contingent workers.
"A Supple Heart, a response to the September 11th events . " Chaos and Complexity Theory offers a Metaphor to deal with Uncertainty.
"Irian Jaya " describes a journey to the Baliem Valley in the Indonesian half of New Guinea.  The encounter with lives lived at one with nature has the power of transformation. [see archive]
Oak Grove about nature's uncertainty has been been accepted for publication in Isotope, a journal of Literary Nature and Science Writing, edited by Christopher Cokinos at the English Department of Utah State University.
One Way or Return, an article on solo travel has been submitted for an anthology entitled: Go Your Own Way.
Travels in Indonesia, Part 1, Infant and Maternal Health, Part 2, Encountering Traditional and Contemporary Midwives, Part 3, Infant CeremoniesTo be published in the Newsletter of the California Midwife Association